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Crypto is crashing and term deposits are rising: Choosing a high or low risk investment

The price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have plummeted in the last 24 hours, meanwhile interest rates for term deposits are on the rise again. Is a high risk or low risk investment option better in 2022?

Three alternatives to low term deposits

In recent months, banks have been slashing term deposit interest rates dramatically. While term deposits have never been “get rich quick” investments, it’s now much harder to earn a steady income from term deposit interest, which many Australians (such as retirees) have relied upon in the past.

Best term deposits for January 2021

As we move into 2021, millions of Aussies will be working on their financial resolutions for the year. And if you’re hoping to see your savings grow, you may be considering opening a term deposit account.

4 reasons why term deposits are still worth using

Aussie savers have taken a beating this year. But there are still some valid reasons why term deposits are worth using as we move into 2021.

Best term deposits for November 2020

The Reserve Bank of Australia cut the cash rate to a new record-low of 0.10 per cent and Australian savers may be wondering where they can still nab a high interest rate term deposit.

Best term deposits for October 2020

With another Reserve Bank of Australia-led cash rate cut tipped for November, could now be the time to lock in a competitive term deposit rate?

When will term deposit rates go up?

On top of everything else that’s happened in 2020, interest rates on term deposits and savings accounts have been stagnating or declining to record lows over the year. It’s not yet clear when exactly these rates for savers are expected to start rising again.

Best term deposits for September 2020

Despite a low cash rate, there are still some competitive term deposits on the market if you’re willing to look around.

The best term deposits for July 2020

In the last few months interest rates for savers have been slashed left and right. So, is it time to lock away your savings with a term deposit at a rate that won’t fall any further?

Australia's best term deposits for May 2020

Getting the most out of your savings can be a challenge when term deposit interest rates are currently sitting at historic lows. However, in this growing period of uncertainty, one thing term deposits may offer your savings is (almost) guaranteed returns.