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How can I find out where my super money is invested?

Being proactive with your superannuation from the early stages of your career can have long lasting effects, and that includes knowing where your money is being invested.

What happens to my super if I’m a temporary resident working in Australia?

Working in Australia means a percentage of your wage or salary must be put aside in a superannuation fund. But what happens if you’re only working in Australia on a temporary basis? Will you be unable to access this money until you retire, or can you access your super early?

What happens to my super if I separate from my partner?

Going through a separation can be a difficult time in life and dealing with money often makes it even trickier. But it’s important to know what to expect when it comes to your personal finances so you can be prepared for your next chapter.

How do super guarantee contributions work?

At present, employers must make super guarantee contributions for eligible employees worth 9.5 per cent of the employees’ pre-tax wages, up to a fixed limit.  

Is superannuation paid on bonuses?

If you’re awarded a bonus from your employer, it might have an impact on the amount of superannuation you get.

How to make super contributions a habit in the time of COVID

Considering superannuation contributions? You’d be surprised just how much spare change you may have if you cut out some of life’s little luxuries.

What are non-concessional contributions to superannuation?

In addition to employer contributions, you may wish to add extra savings to super for a more comfortable retirement. Here’s what you need to know about non-concessional (after-tax) super payments to get started.

When should I rollover my super balance?

By rolling over super spread over several funds and consolidating them into a single account, you may save on fees and taxes.

What is a super re-contribution strategy?

By adopting a super re-contribution strategy whereby you withdraw super and then deposit it in the same or a different super fund later, you may save on tax.

Is superannuation payable on termination payments?

If you’re planning to switch jobs or your employment was terminated for any reason, it’s helpful to understand your rights before deciding on next steps. When it comes to whether your employer must pay superannuation on termination payments, the general answer is no.