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Achieve your 2022 renovation goals with December’s top personal loans

The new year is fast approaching, and for millions of Australians who have spent more time inside than ever before, you may be putting a home renovation at the top of your resolutions list. Explore our top-ranking renovation personal loans for December 2022.

Loans to help you aim for net-zero emissions in your own home

You may be wondering how you can finance reducing your household emissions to better benefit the environment. This is where a green home loan may come in handy this November.

October’s top green personal loans allow Aussies to switch to solar sooner

According to new research, 82 per cent of Aussies agree that renewable energy is the key to a greener future.

Put September’s top personal loans to good use post-lockdown

Millions of Aussies may be seeing the end of COVID-19 restrictions by Christmastime. So, with the light at the end of the tunnel very much in sight, it may be worth taking your plans off the back-burner with a personal loan.   

How August’s top personal loans could help you plan for the future

While we might be restricted in what we can do today, or even this month, there’s no reason why we can’t look to the future by locking in some plans.

PayPal Pay in 4 launches – will it dethrone Afterpay?

Although they have many similarities, one of the biggest differences from Afterpay is PayPal Pay in 4 will not charge any late fees.

How June’s top personal loans could fund your home or travel spending

As the Australian economy begins to exceed pre-pandemic levels and optimism returns to our finances, it appears there are two popular paths we’re considering taking: spending on home or on travel. And a personal loan may be able to help with both.

You can now earn frequent flyer points on your personal loan

Most Australians are familiar with rewards credit cards, where you can earn points on your spending that can be redeemed for airline tickets or other benefits. But an Australian fintech may now allow Australians to earn reward points on personal loans.

How this month’s top personal loans could help you consolidate your debt

Debt consolidation personal loans can be a helpful tool for those who may be finding it difficult to get on top of pre-existing loans and credit card debt.

Plenti to love about exclusive low-rate personal loan

Online-based personal loan lender, Plenti, has announced a reduction to their personal loan rates exclusively for RateCity customers with excellent credit scores. The 5.48% rate is now the lowest unsecured personal loan rate on the market.