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Finding a green loan is about to get easier

A partnership between a fintech and a digital mortgage broker is promising to make it easier to compare banks, mortgage lenders, and other finance companies by their green credentials, which many Australians are prioritising when choosing home loans and other financial products.

What does wage growth data mean for home owners and renters?

Wage growth data released today shows a rise of 2.4%. With wages still well behind inflation levels and a 40 basis point rate hike predicted in June, what does a higher cost of living mean for homeowners and renters?

What is a digital home loan?

At its recent launch, Unloan has promised to introduce a digital home loan that borrowers can apply for in as little as ten minutes. But what exactly is a digital home loan, and how could one help you achieve your financial goals?

Rate hike pain: The average borrower could be paying $443 a month more by Christmas

The average variable borrower could be paying an extra $443 a month on their home loan by Christmas, according to new analysis from RateCity.com.au.

CommBank launches Unloan – how does it compare to other digital lenders?

CBA has today launched Unloan, a new digital home loan lender that offers customers an annual loyalty discount and competitive rates.

Pros and cons of the Liberal Party’s new super first home buyer scheme

The number of first home buyers could rise on the back of a new proposal to allow Australians to use part of their super to buy their first home. However, the scheme favours those with larger super balances and has the potential to push up property prices.

Unloan: 6 things you need to know about CBA's digital home loan

CBA has today announced the availability of its new lower-rate digital home loan, Unloan. What makes this new digital home loan offer stand out and what does it mean for Australians considering refinancing?

Is it too late to fix your home loan rate?

The RBA has hiked the cash rate for the first time in over a decade. Homeowners on variable rate loans may be wondering if they've missed the boat to fix their home loan interest rate.

Some of the best home loans for investors and refinancers in May 2022

With many banks and other mortgage lenders passing on the recent cash rate hike from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), many mortgage holders may soon start feeling the pinch in their budget. And with more rate hikes expected to come in the future, it may be worth comparing alternative home loan options to get a better idea of which choice could offer more value.

Super home buyer scheme: what you should know before considering it

First home buyers will be able to access super for a home deposit under the proposed scheme from the Coalition. But how does this scheme work and why are experts suggesting this could do more harm than good?