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Alex Ritchie

Personal Finance Editor

Alex is a personal finance writer and editor at RateCity, and has been writing about finance for over five years. She is passionate about closing the gender pay and superannuation gap, and aims to help young Aussies to overcome their financial apathy and better manage their finances. Alex has been published in numerous print and online outlets, including Money Magazine, Lifehacker Australia, and Business Insider.

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Home Loans

How to keep your rental costs low in 2021

Struggling to juggle the cost of rental prices with the added financial stress of COVID-related restrictions and lockdowns? There are options available to you to potentially lower your rental costs in 2021.

Credit Cards

Buy now, pay later vs. credit cards: which should you choose?

Whether you’re a young Australian looking for your best option to gain access to credit, or a long-time credit card user wondering what the fuss is about BNPL services, let’s explore the benefits and risks of both options.

Car Loans

Some of the best new vehicle loans to get you on the road post-lockdown

If you’re considering purchasing a new vehicle and are seeking financing, you’ll want to ensure you do your research and choose the most competitive car loan option. RateCity has thankfully done the hard work for you with the RateCity Leaderboards.

Home Loans

One in ten first home buyers received government assistance last year

New findings from the second annual First Home Loan Deposit Scheme Trends & Insights Report found one in ten first home buyers made use of the two major government schemes, with the government guaranteeing more than $1.4 billion in deposit shortfalls.

Savings Accounts

ANZ the 37th bank to cut savings rates in the last two months

Australia’s fourth largest bank, ANZ, has today cut the interest rates on its popular savings accounts by 0.10%. 37 banks have cut at least one savings rate in the last two months, including big four banks CBA and Westpac.

Credit Cards

Scams on the rise – how you can protect your money

Worrying new figures from the ABA show 37% of Australians have lost money to a scam, or have a family member, or close friend, who has. Here is what to do if you suspect you’ve been hacked.

Personal Loans

Put September’s top personal loans to good use post-lockdown

Millions of Aussies may be seeing the end of COVID-19 restrictions by Christmastime. So, with the light at the end of the tunnel very much in sight, it may be worth taking your plans off the back-burner with a personal loan.   

Home Loans

Home loan deferrals increasing, hardship support triples

If your household has been experiencing the negative economic impacts of COVID-19, you’re not alone, with an increasing number of Australians requesting hardship support on home and business loans, according to the ABA.

Home Loans

Home loan cashback deals for September 2021

With so many Aussie homeowners looking to refinance their mortgages, cashbacks have remained a popular perk offered by lenders to attract refinancing customers. Let’s explore some of the home loan deals on offer for September 2021.


APRA reveals 13 super funds that failed its performance test

APRA has assessed the returns generated by superannuation funds over the past seven years, as well as their fees, and listed those that do not meet its objective benchmark. APRA has revealed that 13 super funds of 76 tested have failed its assessment.